455 Dovercourt Rd #101
Toronto, ON M6H 2W3
(416) 502-9455



Jibestream is a computer software company in Toronto specializing in Indoor Navigation and Mapping Technology. The software company gives Developers the tools to embed maps into apps by offering the world’s most scalable platform for combining mapping with business rules and location awareness. By merging the location dimension with enterprise applications, businesses are able to access real-time indoor visual intelligence.

Jibestream’s indoor mapping platform is extensible through an SDK, allowing developers to integrate with 3rd party applications such as parking systems, lease management systems, and location-aware technologies. Their platform and SDK improves business processes and user experiences by connecting location awareness to existing or new apps, accessible across a wide-range of devices. With Jibestream’s technology, businesses gain real-time intelligence into operations through data, enrich business insights through location data, uncover data patterns and trends through spatial context, and realize workflow efficiencies through connected technologies.