DashVapes Markham

30 Shields Ct #2
Markham, ON L3R 9T5
(905) 604-3274


Located in Markham, Ontario, DashVapes is a one-stop destination for all vape, e-cigarettes, mods and ejuice for Markham, Scarborough, and Pickering, The Vape Shop is located within their distribution centre at 30 Shields Crt. DashVapes is also the largest online vape store in Canada. Established in 2013, Shai B. is the owner of DashVapes. Products offered include e-juice, vape kits & mods, tanks & supplies, batteries, and accessories. They carry authentic devices. No clones, no copies.

At DashVapes, they have absolutely everything customers need, from over 400 E-Liquids to choose from to hundreds of mods, do-it-yourself flavourings and supplies, building tools and even a personalized e-liquid suggestion tool. Their e-juices are carefully selected and they only use the highest quality ingredients. DashVapes as a company is built on strong ethics, from the vape products that they carry, to the service that they provide customers.