IVF Canada Toronto Fertility Clinic

2347 Kennedy Rd
Scarborough, ON M1T 3T8
(416) 754-1010


Based in Scarborough, IVF Canada has been working very hard for over the last 30 years to create lots of new families. They have a great team of doctors on hand to help you out whenever you're in need of their services, and they also have quality staff members who will make you feel at home. They're accredited through The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, so they have the necessary paperwork to back them up. They also happen to be leaders in the field of ART, which stands for Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

Their free-standing surgical facility only uses the best equipment and the most advanced techniques available to help you conceive as quickly as possible. To help you to the maximum of their potential they also offer a variety of treatment options depending on your specific needs. Blocked fallopian tubes, ovulatory problems, endometriosis, along with a few other issues that could be preventing you from having a baby will all be looked at. There is also the threat of the male being unable to contribute towards a child, so they have a lot of solutions at hand to treat them too if the need should arise.