CarDATA Consultants

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Buffalo, NY 14226
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CarDATA is the solution for North American companies looking for a fair, accurate and effective car reimbursement program that fits their unique needs. If you are looking for a better alternative than providing company cars to your employees, or if you feel like your current car reimbursement program has some flaws, you should consider getting in touch with CarDATA.

Unlike other car reimbursement models, the car reimbursement program designed by CarDATA considers different factors to ensure a fair reimbursement to each and every employee. The type of vehicle driven by each employee, the region where they live and work, and the mileage they drive each day all should have an impact on their reimbursement rates.

The factor that varies the most is the price of fuel. Fortunately, CarDATA is able to track the daily changes in fuel prices, all across North America. This allows them to refresh drivers' reimbursement rates every month, to make sure they always stay as fair and accurate as possible.