Bellissimo Law Group

20 Eglinton Ave W #2202
Toronto, ON M4R 1K8
(416) 787-6505


Bellissimo Law Group is a Canadian law firm specializing in immigration, citizenship and refugee legal cases.  With 40 years of experiences at all levels of government, Bellissimo Law Group is an expert on Canadian immigration and refugee law for those in need of legal services to obtain temporary or permanent resident status in Canada. Based in Toronto, its team of lawyers and consultants is comprised of some of the most qualified and experienced legal practitioners in the field with a unique and complex approach to legal cases in immigration and refugee issues.

Bellissimo Law Group only accepts working on a limited number of cases to deliver the best possible results from the initial application process to hearings with the Supreme Court of Canada.  Legal services include federal court applications, inadmissibility cases, immigration appeals and temporary residents. It also deals with other branches of law which are sometimes tied to immigration such as criminal law, medical cases and corporate services.

Bellissimo Law Group is also active in legal research and legal writing with its founder teaching immigration law to legal practitioners and regularly publishing academic work. With a sterling reputation over the years, Bellissimo Law Group is a leading elite provider of legal services for all types of immigration, citizenship and refugee cases.


Bellissimo Law Group is located at 20 Eglinton Ave W #2202, Toronto, ON M4R 1K8. For more information, please contact (416) 787-6505.


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