Cells for Life

585 University Ave
Toronto, ON M5G 2N2
(416) 260-0808


Cells for Life is a company that specializes in umbilical cord blood extraction and storage. Cord blood banking, as it is known, is a relatively new phenomenon that many parents are buying into when they have their babies. Cells for Life was established by various medical professionals in 1997 and throughout its existence has been managed by doctors, scientists and registered nurses. Since the first clients in 1997, Cells for Life has banked more than 36,000 units of cord blood and that number continues to grow each and every day. Cells for Life is based in Toronto and also has multiple locations across Canada.

The whole cord blood banking process begins with a baby being born and the blood being extracted from the umbilical cord. To accomplish this, a very thin needle is inserted into the cord and the blood is taken. The baby and mother don’t feel the procedure any more than they do the cord being cut. Once the blood is collected, it is taken and stored in the bank, which is located within Toronto General Hospital. Cord blood contains stem cells that have the ability to replicate any cells in the body, making them ideal for treatment of many different blood-related diseases. Research into cord blood banking is likely to continue and more uses will likely be found in the future, with Cells for Life at the forefront.