On The Way Cafe Inc.

150 Rivalda Rd #3
North York, ON M9M 2M8
(416) 535-1998


On The Way Café is a business in the Greater Toronto Area that specializes in delivering coffee straight to your office. They provide the highest quality coffees from all parts of the world in a timely and reliable fashion, effectively creating the café experience right in the office. The people at On The Way Café are passionate about coffee and all hot drinks that you would find at the top cafes. These include beverages such as lattes, espresso, cappuccinos, tea, even hot chocolate. They also deliver fresh supplies of milk, cream, sugar and sweeteners, so anyone at the office can make a fresh cup of coffee anytime.

It’s no secret that coffee is a staple in offices from all different industries, or that it can become challenging trying to set up a system that appeals to everyone’s unique tastes. On The Way Café can remedy this problem by installing systems and delivering custom orders that everyone in the office will love. The On The Way Café solution is fast, convenient, eco-friendly and affordable.

The experts at On The Way Café will make suggestions on what is likely the best choice, they will install the system, deliver the coffee and the accessories and maintain the system. They will be there every step of the way, so every member of the office looks forward to getting to work each morning because they know their hot beverage of choice is waiting for them.